OCD Wisconsin

Awareness. Education. Compassion. Hope.

OCD Wisconsin seeks to raise understanding and reduce stigma, improve access to resources and support, offer hope and improve quality of life through awareness of effective OCD treatment and research.

Founded in 2013 as an Affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), we sponsor events such as our popular “Ask the Experts” community panel discussions and accredited continuing medical education conferences, providing quality, evidence-based resources for individuals with OCD, their families, healthcare providers and communities.

Left to right: Kelli Waldron, MS, LPC, Kristy Robb, MSW, LCSW and Neeley Welch-Lamers, MS, LPC at the Ask the Experts Panel at UW-Fox Valley in October 2018.

“Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie” and Ask the Experts Panel
This award-winning short film explains what OCD is, and what it isn’t. By highlighting six unique OCD stories, “UNSTUCK” reveals the complexity of this mental health disorder and allows young people to share how they faced their worst fears and regained control of their lives.

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“Picture standing in a room filled with flies and pouring a bottle of syrup over yourself. The flies constantly swarm about you, buzzing around your head and in your face. You swat and swat, but they keep coming. The flies are like obsessional thoughts — you can’t stop them, you just have to fend them off. The swatting is like compulsions — you can’t resist the urge to do it, even though you know it won’t really keep the flies at bay more than for a brief moment.” — Cheryl Little Sutton