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Second Tuesday, September-May

Beyond Treatment Network

Patients need support as they leave care.  Every month, OCD Wisconsin brings you Beyond Treatment Network (BTN), which offers a safe virtual community where participants can listen, learn, ask questions or offer their experiences. Registration is required.

OCD Wisconsin

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Get your questions answered!

Ask the Experts

We understand that finding answers to OCD can be challenging. That’s why we organize a panel of experts from around the state to share stories and get your questions answered through live sessions throughout the year. Panelists are from all parts of the community and could include:


        • Clinicians
        • Teachers
        • Emergency Responders
        • Faith-based Organizations
        • Community Members with Lived Experience
        • and more
Attention School Counselors: Nominate a Senior Student!

The Barry Thomet Scholarship

Do you know a senior high school student with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) who has worked to overcome obstacles? If so, consider nominating them for a $500 scholarship.

  • Must be nominated by her/his school counselor

  • Deadline is June 15 

  • Counselors receive notice by July 15th of the award year

  • Submit your name, the nominee’s name, school, grade, and why you ask for the student to be considered for the scholarship using the “Submit a Nomination” button

Barry Thomet is known for his advocacy and dedication to individuals with mental health and addiction disorders, through his more than 20 years of service at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI. He has served as a marketing liaison for the International OCD Foundation and serves as a founding member of the board of directors for OCD Wisconsin.

A little-known aspect of Barry’s work is that he is a great steward of treatment in general, not just Rogers. His lightheartedness is complemented by the gentle demeanor he has with those who reach out to him. He knows the difficulty and challenges that individuals with OCD and other mental illnesses face, which makes him one of the best resources for guidance and understanding.

Paul Mueller

Former CEO, Rogers Behavioral Health

$4,700 raised in 2023! Thank you! Can we top that in 2024?

One Million Steps for OCD Walk

One Million Steps for OCD Walk is an annual event that brings together members of the OCD and related disorders community nationwide to challenge stigma, raise funds, and create awareness about what it really means to have obsessive compulsive disorder.

OCD Awareness Week

is October 13-19, 2024

OCD Awareness Week (#OCDWeek) occurs during the second full week of October each year. It is an international effort to raise awareness and understanding about obsessive compulsive disorder and related disorders to help more people get timely access to appropriate and effective treatment. Launched in 2009 by the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), OCD Awareness Week is celebrated internationally, with events such as OCD screening days, lectures, conferences, fundraisers, online Q&As, and more. For a complete list of OCD Awareness Week events happening across the country, visit the IOCDF website.

The First-Ever OCD Summer Camp in Wisconsin is here!

Fearless Family Camp

June 27-30 2024

The Fearless Family Camp gives Wisconsin families struggling with OCD a chance for middle school-aged children to access structured group CBT with ERP programming. It provides a fun learning environment for the campers and parents/caregivers to empower the individual camper and the critical treatment team member with whom they live and learn.

The camp will take place at the Cedar Valley UCCI Retreat Center in southeastern Wisconsin. On-site lodging and meals are included. The retreat center is maintained by a religious organization, but rented use of the retreat center does not require religious affiliation or religious activity.

Must be aged 10-14 at the time of the camp as this camp is designed for middle schoolers.


  • $750 for camper + one parent
  • $850 for camper + 2 parents
  • Intake Session through Pure OCD Therapy is required.

Cost includes: lodging, meals, therapy, recreation and all the rest!

In partnership with:

Get the treatment you need!

Treatment Scholarships

We understand that finding the right treatment for OCD can be challenging and that the right treatment may not be available in Wisconsin. That’s why we’re raising money to help Wisconsin families get the treatement they need. Treatment scholarships through OCD Wisconsin help get access to those families who can’t afford care or need care out-of-state. The scholarships cover:


      • Counselor or therapist fees charges for sessions
      • Travel cost for families that need care outside of Wisconsin

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