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Pure OCD Therapy provides specialized exposure therapy (ERP) to adults with OCD, anxiety disorders, and trauma. The term “pure OCD” or “pure O” generally refers to OCD that centers on themes of harm, sexuality, religious/moral concerns, and relationships. Because of the taboo nature of some of these themes, people with pure OCD typically experience a greater level of shame. Pure OCD Therapy was created to provide a space where people can feel safe to disclose their OCD symptoms without fear of judgment.


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Keri Brown, PhD

Keri Brown, PhD

Owner, Therapist

Keri has almost two decades of experience working with clients with OCD. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She completed an internship at Baylor College of Medicine where her primary rotation was in the OCD Residential Program at the Menninger Clinic. Following that, she worked for several years at the Houston OCD Program’s partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs seeing clients with severe OCD and anxiety. She has worked for a number of years in outpatient practice and has experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, and trauma as well. Most recently, she was the Clinical Director at Rogers Behavioral Health, overseeing the PHP and IOP programs at the Madison clinic.

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