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Our goal at Edelweiss Behavioral Health is to provide specialized treatment to individuals struggling with eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. Our experienced staff works collaboratively with each client and their support system to provide patient-centered, individualized support to encourage and promote recovery. 

Edelweiss Behavioral Health offers an intensive, but intermediate, level of care (Intensive Outpatient or IOP) that helps individuals to transition from either a higher level of care back to their homes or up a level of care to more specifically meet their needs, with extra support that is needed during that time. In addition, we have therapists and dietitians who work with individuals in an outpatient setting, as well as Physician’s Assistants who can provide medication evaluation and management.

We work directly with clients and families to recommend the appropriate level of care a client needs and will work with individuals in both Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient settings, supporting them in those needs and on their road to recovery.

All Edelweiss Psychotherapists are LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcoming. We welcome clients of any culture, race, gender, lifestyle, profession, sexual orientation, size, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and ability.

We value diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and support efforts made towards social justice reform.


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Sarah Francois

Sarah Francois


Sarah Francois works with adult patients to address depression and anxiety as well as trauma sequelae which are manifest by depressed or anxious mood, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, insomnia, substance misuse, and interpersonal problems.   She employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and relevant clinical adaptations to address mood or anxiety disorders with co-occurring substance use disorders and/or trauma recovery as well as singular diagnoses.

She is a subject matter expert in psychotherapeutic interventions to address deep, psychological wounds often referred to as “moral injury”.  Sarah applies CBT, Adaptive Disclosure, and Narrative Therapy interventions to address debilitating guilt, shame, or betrayal while embracing spiritual well-being and meaning-making in mental health treatment.  Sarah has a strong commitment to mental health recovery and adopts a strengths-based treatment approach.  Sarah has been a Clinical Social Worker since 2003.


Adolescent Eating Disorder

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


Adult Eating disorder intensive outpatient


OCD Intensive Outpatient


Medication Management


Nutrition Evaluation & Counseling


Outpatient Therapy


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