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Imagine trying to complete your taxes with someone next to you telling you repeatedly to stop and count how many numbers you had written down? How long would it take and how frustrating would it be? Imagine trying to read while someone keeps interrupting to tell you about germs crawling all over your book and hands . . . Now imagine you have a test tomorrow at school over the material you’re trying to read!

Half a million children struggle with scenarios like this due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) — wonderful, talented students like Carter whose path to success had hit a roadblock.
Carter is an energetic third-grader formerly from Waukesha who likes dinosaurs and dreams of being a paleontologist. His school and home life were both being derailed by OCD – derailed to the point of tears and even self-injury. Thankfully, Carter’s family had knowledge of OCD and was able to work with his teacher and school counselor to unite as a team. As his teacher explains,
“Knowing what kind of challenges are going on inside when Carter’s behavior goes off track has actually been a big relief. I can let go of my expectations and help him shift to one of the strategies we put in place. I love my kids and want to help every one of them be as awesome as possible. Understanding OCD, even a little, keeps me from feeling so helpless.”
Since 2012, OCD Wisconsin has been working to provide information and resources to people with OCD and their families. With your help, OCD Wisconsin is launching a new program to provide workshops and resources for Wisconsin teachers and school counselors. We have an end-of-year fundraising goal of $5,000 to support this. In any school there are students struggling with challenges just like Carter—kids who can be doctors, engineers or paleontologists. We need teachers to be able to recognize the struggles they face.
No matter the giving level, you become a hero, helping students succeed!
Please consider helping at any level. You can donate online at or make checks payable to OCD Wisconsin. Thank you for your generous support. We wish you all the best this holiday season!

Denise Folcik – OCD Wisconsin