About OCD

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, you are being so OCD,” about somebody who has to have things a certain way…or for someone who is super tidy?

About OCD

OCD isn’t about idiosyncrasies that make a person unique. OCD is a disorder of the brain and of behavior, and causes severe anxiety in those affected.
OCD involves both Obsessions and Compulsions that take a lot of time and that get in the way of important activities that the person values.

At a parent group meeting about OCD, a famous doctor was asked this question…

Q. “I check my burners before I leave the house and I have some tendencies that are kind of along those lines…how do you know if you need to get help?”

A. The doctor replied, “When it is interfering with your life.”

Some examples might be if you or someone you love can’t:

  • Leave home
  • Attend school
  • Enjoy social activities

The important thing to know is that nobody is alone. When you are in need of help… There is help to be found. This website can be a start for you.